Well mathematically speaking anything can be a black hole if u can compress it to a small enough size so as to make its density so big that not even light can escape its gravity you will have a black hole. The minimum size that you would need to compress an object into to make a black hole is called as its “Schwarzschild radius.”

If you could compress the size of Mount Everest into the order of Nano meter (almost the size of a HIV virus) you would’ve a black hole. That’s ridiculously dense!!!!!

If you could compress the size of the earth so as to fit it into the size of a peanut you would’ve a black hole

But unfortunately, there is no known (and there never will be) way to compress anything to the extent to make a black hole.

But when the fuel runs out inside the core of a super massive stars and when it can no longer sustain its own massive gravity .The entire star collapses in its own gravity in a spectacular event called a supernovae releasing energy equivalent to entire galaxies. Resulting in either a neutron star (also a super dense object but not as dense as a black hole) or a black hole.

So technically speaking, yes!!! You could be crushed into a small enough size to make a black hole. For an average human being weighing about 70kg. The “Schwarzschild radius.” Would be of the order of 10-23 cm much smaller than the nucleus of an atom…….crazy right??….

So yeah if you could compress yourselves into a size smaller than that of the nucleus of an atom you would’ve a black hole ….toodles



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